Security Council

Committee and Topics
Security Council logoThe United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations. It has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, and its resolutions are binding under international law. The Security Council consists of five permanent members – China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States – and ten regular members that are selected on two year terms. The permanent members have the right to veto draft resolutions. The Security Council is the only UN body that can authorise the use of military force, under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

For more information about the UNSC, check out it’s website:

For a list of available countries in the UNSC, click here. In addition to the 15 member countries, there will be the opportunity to invite an observer representing the country that is subject of the discussion. The topics of the Security Council at PaderMUN 2017 are:

Topic 1: Protecting Civilians in Yemen

Topic 2: Advancing the Peace Process in Libya

The study guide for the Security Council will be uploaded shortly.


Sören Wehrheim formal pictureSören Wehrheim is 22 years old and grew up in Northern Germany. He is currently studying computer science at the University of Paderborn. His first contact with Model UN was during high school, where he was part of the organising team for Germany’s largest MUN conference, OLMUN. After taking a break during his first year of university, he joined the Paderborn delegation to NMUN New York 2015. Since then, he regularly participates in MUNs all over Europe and has been a part of over 35 conferences. Sören has a strong interest in politics and international relations and spends a lot of his free time traveling.


Laura Kriener formal picture

Laura Kriener is going to be the second chair of the Security Council. The 22 years old student from Paderborn is currently in her B.Sc. in International Business Studies and started participating in MUNs in 2015. Laura was part of the Paderborn delegation to NMUN New York 2016 and chaired at PaderMUN and SiegMUN the same year. Aside from MUN, she is also involved in the IBS student council at her university and otherwise likes to participate in competitions with the Paderborn Hornets Cheerleading. Laura feels a strong interest in the influence politics and equality are having in our everyday life and happily chairs for the PaderMUN in her hometown.